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Alarming Echo

The Goldenfields Post

A new leader has been chosen for the Communist Party. Such news from a country as big as the Soviet Union will surely affect the internal affairs of the USA. Recent changes in USSR leadership—where, we will remind our reader, the spokesmen of radical groups of the Soviet army and the arms industry—has affected the balance of power in the Senate and Congress. In particular, the popularity of radical members of the Republican party who were always hostile (not to say aggressive) to relations between the USSR and the USA has increased strikingly.

Mister Sullivan, senator from Alabama, commented on the current situation: “I always advised to restrain our peaceful intents towards that country and that regime. Bolsheviks cannot be good people. And now they once again demonstrate that I was right about them.”

Mister Sullivan is not the only one who thinks this way. However, let’s hope that the radicalization of views in the USSR and USA won’t lead to anything more serious than the usual flag-waving and wasting ink on political threats.

Peter O'Tulli, specially for the Goldenfields Post

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