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Soviet Worker

The 33th Congress of the Communist Party encourages millions of people in all countries around the world.

The Soviet Union is a loyal friend.

I. Devyaterev.

Berlin, 30th November  (our correspondent)

The results of the 33rd Congress of the Communist party is of genuine interest to all laborers of the GDR. Special attention has been drawn to the parts of comrade Karpov’s report where he describes the state of international affairs, especially surrounding Germany.

We are communists and proud of it!

P. Korovin

Beijing, 19th January (our correspondent)

The number 33 and the words “Congress of the Communist Party” are on the front pages of all Chinese newspapers. Chinese youth, together with the rest of the Chinese people, watch the Congress with great interest. In the factories, agencies, and institutions of Beijing, one can see and feel the magnitude of interest in the 33rd Congress among the Chinese youth.

Tzui Lu-Veng is a worker in a textile factory. Here are the words of this simple Chinese laborer, which come from his heart:

“Yesterday morning I read with great interest the report of P.I. Karpov at the 33rd Congress of the Communist Party. This exciting report promotes an amazing plan for Communist construction in the Soviet Union. Its completion will increase the strength of the Soviet Union, and all the socialist camp. I cheerily congratulate Soviet Union’s youth and the Soviet people as a whole with their great success and wish them new impressive victories.”

P. Kanin

Delhi, 30th November (our correspondent)

Today, your correspondent was in the worker district, where the trade union center for textile workers in Delhi is situated. At lunchtime, workers gather here. They have already heard on the radio and read in the newspapers about the 33rd Congress of the Communist Party. Everyone wanted to express his thoughts and listen to their comrades’ opinions about General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union P.I. Karpov’s report: “Every honest man is inspired by the achievements and daring projects of the Soviet People,” said Prjadiljshik (N.B. It actually may be “spinner”) Banka Singh. “New plans testify to victories of the Soviet camp in peaceful competition with the Capitalist camp. The Soviet Union is the country where everything is owned by workers.”
P.I. Karpov’s report is discussed widely among the students of Delhi. Your correspondent visited the University of Delhi, where he met the Secretary of the All-India Federation of Students, Sunil Sengupta, who said: “The 33rd Congress of the Communist Party is a great landmark on the glorious path of building Communism in the USSR.”

Peaceful Challenge

Paris, 30th November (TASS)

The “Fraternite” newspaper today published a leading article by a member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the French Communist Party, Etienne Fajon, titled “Peaceful Challenge”. The article tells about the 33rd Congress of the Communist Party. “Calm strength and confidence in victory—that is the most striking thing in this Congress, in Karpov’s report,” writes Fajon. “Some say it is a challenge to the Capitalist world. Yes, it is a challenge, but a peaceful one. The USSR offers to prove under peaceful conditions which regime can give the people welfare and happiness.”

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